Celeb Heartbreak

With celebrities dominating our social media feeds, magazine headlines, and advertisements, it is no surprise that we find ourselves immersed in their lives. We stay up to date on what they’re wearing, what they’re eating, who’s fighting with who and, of course, who they’re dating.

Every once in a while, when the stars align (literally and figuratively) a drool worthy, dream power couple is created and the public rejoices. Hashtags are created, mash-ups are shared, and magazine articles are printed.

But what happens when society’s golden couples break up? Well, it’s safe to say the public isn’t very happy.  Angry tweets pile up, magazine articles share in the despair, and conversations focus on what happened and what went wrong. But why do we care so much? With every new celebrity breakup, a negative conversation starts about how it all relates to our own love lives and whether modern day romance can truly exists. With unlimited money, unreal good looks and all that fame and fortune has to offer, if they can’t make it… who can?  

This concept that society’s elite can’t make a relationship work, takes an emotional toll on the public. “These people are successful, and from the point of view of evolutionary psychology, the general population tries to copy the people (who) are most successful in an attempt to be successful themselves,” said James Houran, a psychologist commenting on celebrity breakups in the Chicago Tribune. “When something happens to a celebrity, it can either depress or motivate us.”

Experiencing an emotional rollercoaster with every new celebrity relationship and breakup can take its toll. This could be because we tend to use celebrities as an idea for #RelationshipGoals, instead of realizing that they go through the same relationship struggles that we do.  Maybe if we try to keep this in mind, the #struggle will be a little less difficult when it comes to tinsel town romances.

On that note…  Lora Grady is right. #JohnLegendAndChrissyTeigenForever!!!!