New Twitter Update: Stickers?

Twitter just announced that it will be introducing a “stickers” feature for its users - a supposedly “fun new way to add creativity to your photos.” You’ll be able to select from a library of stickers, featuring accessories, props, and emojis, to edit your images and add some flair. 

Your photo will then become searchable via a visual spin on the hashtag. Tapping on a sticker within a tweet takes the user to a timeline that displays how other people are using that particular sticker.


As a general user, this piece of news is a bit unexciting. We already have Snapchat for when we want to make our real-time photos extra silly! It seems out of place for Twitter, but as we’ve seen over the past year, the company has been making changes to the basic functions of the platform: timeline algorithms, character limit changes, etc. This feature is actually mild in comparison.

One aspect in this announcement did catch our attention though (as social media professionals): “Use them [stickers] to share what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, to show support for a cause, or to just add some flair.” Using stickers to support a cause, like how Snapchat used their lens and filter features to give users red noses on Red Nose Day, can help campaigns trend and spread awareness in a creative way. We wouldn’t be surprised if stickers eventually becomes a way for Twitter to collect media dollars, from both non-profit and for-profit brands.

This feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Let us know what you think about it!