The Coupling of Two Beloved Apps: Snapchat & Bitmoji

As Snapchat continues to roll out new features and additions within the app, our Snapchat addiction becomes stronger and stronger. Most recently, Snapchat added Bitmoji support, allowing users to include their avatars when sending messages to friends in the Chat feature, as well as in pictures and videos in the app. Bitmoji gives users the ability to create their own avatar and send different pictures of that avatar to friends through messaging applications, making it incredibly popular, and addicting, among avid social media users like us. 

Since Snapchat and Bitmoji are beloved apps, it’s smart of Snapchat to add Bitmoji support to its own platform. Both allow users to express themselves in creative, and often goofy, ways. The addition of Bitmoji support may spell out good news for Snapchat, as it increases shareability in the app by expanding the possibilities for user content creation.