Trending Now: Pokemon Go

If you haven’t heard what Pokémon Go is yet, you must be living under a Geodude (a rock Pokemon for all you non-nerds). The augmented reality mobile app has people, young and old, wandering the streets to catch Pokemon. 

With the amount of people in NYC that we’ve seen with their phones out trying to catch Pokémon on the street corner, we’re not surprised that the game’s title has been trending online. According to data requested from @adweek from social media company Spredfast, Pokémon Go has been mentioned on Twitter 6.6 million times, with 59 percent of the chatter coming from young guys, since July 6. 

“The discussion peaked Sunday night at 10 p.m., when 130,000 tweets about the game were being fired off every minute.”

Just browsing the hashtag on social media, you’ll see people sharing images of the Pokémon caught, comments about their experience, and funny memes that other fans relate to. 

Fans have shown solidarity on social media behind the need to capture rare Pokémon, the frustration of the server constantly crashing, and the teams they have chosen to play on within the game. After being mentioned in a tweet with “#TeamMystic,” I was subsequently followed by a Team Mystic account.

With so much activity happening on social media, it’s no surprise that brands are joining the conversation and interacting with fans. Companies are posting signs directly on their buildings and many are even showing off online that they’re a designated Poké Stop, hoping to lure users in. While running errands catching Pokémon this weekend, I walked past Radio Shack blasting Pokémon battle music from the games, getting people who were at the nearby Poké Stops to pause and look in.

Right now, brands’ interactions with users and the game are seemingly all organic, but we would not be surprised to see some paid integration in the near future. Already, the below rumor has been passed around the Internet:

Another potential partnership is having a major brand, such as McDonald’s or Starbucks, become a sponsor so that every store front is a Poké Stop or a gym for battles. An integration like this, as opposed to having ads and logos within the game interface, would be much less obtrusive to the players. 

As the game is still in its infancy, and the server still can’t handle all the users, we’ll be sure to see many updates in the future. In the meantime, go out there and catch ‘em all. And keep posting your funny Pokémon pictures to social.