Why Presidential Candidates Should Only Share Political Memes With Great Caution

As what’s being shared on social media develops, so do the presidential campaign tactics. In this article, @adweek points out how memes have been playing a major role for candidates on social media, filling up our news feed and timelines. Memes - coupling an image with a phrase or quote - evoke emotion and humor, which allows for easy sharing. They can quickly spread throughout people’s circle of friends/followers through likes, shares, and retweets; whether they’re appreciated or not depends on your friend list. 

Although most memes are created by fans rather than the presidential candidate, we agree with Sarah Newhall’s, EVP, Strategy and Insights at agency Blue State Digital, advice in the article: the candidates need to be careful of what they’re sharing and posting on social media. Memes can often feel unauthentic when forced, especially when targeted to a younger crowd from an older adult/brand.